​​​​​​​Imaginet ALM Adoption Services  

The Imaginet ALM  approach has three core elements

​​We ensure that the needs of the business align with the wo​rk of your information technology​ staff.

​We help you define and implement the correct ​processes so that you can get the most out of your ​teams.

​​We show you the correct way to use your tools so you ​can get the maximum benefit out of your investment.


What solution are you looking for?

​​​​3-​day ALM Assessment

3-day Kanban adoption with TFS

3-day Scrum adoption with TFS

3-day Agile adoption with TFS

Lean-Kanban University


​​Onsite coaching and mentoring​​


The Imaginet Advantage


Working with business​​ f​or more than  15 years.

Participated in the original design of the Microsoft ALM toolset​.

​Serving customers around the globe.

Largest North American, TFS-focused,​​ Microsoft ALM partner.

Accredited coaches and trainers for multiple process frameworks.

​Our staff offer​ years of practical experience, not canned training courses.

Personali​​zed assessments and roadmaps are a core part of our process.

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