Imaginet Achieves Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Competency – What Does this Mean For You?

  Imaginet has achieved the Gold Cloud Platform Competency from Microsoft! This is Microsoft’s highest level of Cloud Platform competency and means that Imaginet has made a commitment with deep investments in people and resources across pivotal areas: cloud technologies, security, privacy, compliance, and reliability.   What does this mean for you? With Imaginet’s Azure Cloud Platform approach, our customers get all the benefits of scale, speed, and agility while still protecting existing investments. This…

Imaginet Speaks at DevTeach Montreal

Imaginet Superstars, Dylan Smith and Etienne Tremblay, speak at the DevTeach Conference July 4-8th in Montreal. Check out their sessions below.           Etienne Tremblay      

CJOB S.E.T for Success Segment with Imaginet

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CJOB S.E.T. for Success Segment with Imaginet In case you missed it, Imaginet’s Co-founders, Joel Semeniuk and Rod Giesbrecht, spoke with Richard Lannon on his S.E.T for Success radio show earlier this month.  They discuss creating a culture of innovation and how to use the ‘3 Horizons’ to get there. Thank you, Richard Lannon, for having us. For more information on S.E.T. for Success, visit     Looking for more? Take a look at…

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Chatting with Charles – A Guinea Pig Production [Video]

Just for fun, watch our video! We interviewed Charles Ung, our newest Co-op student from the University of Manitoba. He shares his experiences since joining Imaginet and explains what it takes to join our high performance team. Find out what he’d do if: He got stuck in an elevator! He won 100 free plane tickets! He had no internet access for a whole month! What would you do? Know the answer to the Star Wars Trivia…

Join Imaginet LIVE in April 2016

SharePoint TechFest 2016 April 6, 2016 Dallas, TX Imaginet is a Gold Sponsor at this year’s #SPTechFest! Visit our booth #308 for a chance to win great prizes! As a thank you, we want to offer you a $50 registration discount. Just enter the code IM149D, Don’t forget to check out Roy Polvorosa’s session: MinRole and SharePoint 2016 3:30 PM – 4:20 PM Room 8 What is the new MinRole configuration and capability and what…

Microsoft Surface Hub is Here! Are You Ready?

Microsoft Surface Hub is Here! Are You Ready? Did you know that worldwide there are over 50 million collaborative spaces, 10 million large conference rooms, and 200 million personal offices that provide collaborative experiences? And most of these collaborative spaces have a need for large interactive displays, group audio/video conferencing technology, digital white boarding, and custom business applications to maximize the collaboration experience. Enter the new Microsoft Surface Hub. This new revolutionary 84-inch 4K TV-tablet-computer…

Spotlight on Enterprise Innovation: Imaginet’s Creativity Injection

Spotlight on Enterprise Innovation: Imaginet’s Creativity Injection Rod Giesbrecht and Joel Semeniuk explore the ways that global solutions firm, Imaginet, helps organizations inject innovation into processes and products.   It was a late night in Chicago, and two business associates from Winnipeg, Manitoba, were walking in the Near West Side when they noticed they had crossed into a dangerous neighborhood. The friendly lights of the United Center were gone. Suddenly, a taxi pulled alongside them….

Are You Ready for the Mobile Tsunami?

Recently, I delivered the keynote at a technical conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba called PrairieDevCon. I entitled the keynote “The Coming Tsunami” to paint a vivid picture for the audience that predicts a wave of change (and opportunity) about to hit enterprises as a result of mobile technologies. PrairieDevCon is a conference that targets technology enthusiasts in Canada’s Prairie Provinces (Manitoba and Saskatchewan).  I really love this event as it’s extremely well run and speakers come…