Spotlight on Enterprise Innovation: Imaginet’s Creativity Injection

Spotlight on Enterprise Innovation: Imaginet’s Creativity Injection Rod Giesbrecht and Joel Semeniuk explore the ways that global solutions firm, Imaginet, helps organizations inject innovation into processes and products.   It was a late night in Chicago, and two business associates from Winnipeg, Manitoba, were walking in the Near West Side when they noticed they had crossed into a dangerous neighborhood. The friendly lights of the United Center were gone. Suddenly, a taxi pulled alongside them….

TFS 2015 is here! Schedule Your Upgrade TODAY!

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2015 RTM (Release to Manufacturing) is now available! This is the newest version of Team Foundation Server (TFS), the collaboration platform at the core of Microsoft’s application lifecycle management (ALM) solution.   Why Upgrade to TFS 2015? This new release of Team Foundation Server 2015 is jam-packed with over 25 new features and fixes that help your team develop software better by improving communication and collaboration throughout your software development…

The Trappings of Not Using View Models (Part 2)

The Trappings of Not Using View Models (Part 2) In the first part of this article, we looked at how using an enumerable as our strongly-typed model on a view can end up causing us some headaches. The example, a list of Person, further compounded the problem because the Person is likely an entity that is part of our database. At first glance, it doesn’t seem too bad, and again in many online samples and…

NOW AVAILABLE! Imaginet Timesheet for Microsoft TFS and VS Online 2015!

Imaginet is very proud to announce the newest release of Imaginet Timesheet for both Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2015 and Microsoft Visual Studio (VS) Online 2015.  With Imaginet Timesheet, you can improve visibility and maximize your team’s productivity by having a simple way to track and report team hours against Team Foundation Server work items. For full details and download information, please visit: What’s New in this Release Not only is the new release of…

Deploying a Provider Hosted SharePoint App to Azure and SharePoint Online

In this post, we are going to walk you through the process of deploying a provider hosted SharePoint app to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft SharePoint Online. We assume that the app has been created, and the app permissions are configured correctly for what the app is supposed to do. I should note that this article will only be about apps that are being deployed to a local app catalog. Also, I’m assuming that you have…

Work Smarter Not Harder How to Deliver Faster While Doing Less Work