Think Local: Imaginet’s Nearshore Development 

Think Local: Imaginet’s Nearshore Development High performance options, how and when you need it.     Short on development staff because of layoffs or limited budgets? Frustrated with offshoring options that don’t fit your schedule? Imaginet’s Nearshore Development (with teams in US and Canada) will bring you high performance options, how and when you need it. Imaginet has multiple development centers in Canada and the U.S., each with expert development teams who are permanent residents…

Microsoft Cloud to Touchdown in Canada — Are You Ready?

Microsoft to Touchdown in Canada — Are You Ready? On June 2, 2015, Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Kevin Turner, announced Microsoft Corporation’s plans to deliver locally hosted Microsoft Cloud services — Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online — from Canada. Microsoft will build two data centers in Canada as it expands its global cloud computing services. There is no better time for Canadians to take advantage of the Cloud than with this expansion. It will…

Imaginet MiniCast: How to Create Builds with Team Build

Watch this short Imaginet MiniCast to learn how to create an automated build with Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) & Team Build in order to gain efficiencies and optimize your application lifecycle. Imaginet is the global leader in Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management Visual Studio services and recently recognized as Microsoft Partner of the Year for our outstanding solutions in ALM. With over 650 successful ALM customers and over 1800 successful ALM engagements, we have a proven…

The Trappings of Not Using View Models (Part 1)

The Trappings of Not Using View Models (Part 1) James Chambers While there will forever be a debate over the fruitfulness of using view models in MVC applications, chances are that an application of a reasonable size will end up requiring them. I don’t like to state this as a solid requirement, but I will present two good cases as to why you should almost always start with them.   Enumerable Models in Your Views…

Trend Alert: Typography 

TREND ALERT: Typography Adelle Rewerts Typography has been the differentiating factor between good design and great design since Celtic monks created the Book of Kells 1,200 years ago. It’s also been the bane of the interactive designer’s existence. Poor display, limited choices, and limited code control meant that web design was always the ugly stepchild in the design family. Fast forward to 2015. Mobile apps, JavaScript libraries, html 5, and css3 (and the death of…

Work Smarter Not Harder How to Deliver Faster While Doing Less Work