Think Local: Imaginet’s Nearshore Development 

Think Local: Imaginet’s Nearshore Development High performance options, how and when you need it.     Short on development staff because of layoffs or limited budgets? Frustrated with offshoring options that don’t fit your schedule? Imaginet’s Nearshore Development (with teams in US and Canada) will bring you high performance options, how and when you need it. Imaginet has multiple development centers in Canada and the U.S., each with expert development teams who are permanent residents…

Trend Alert: Typography 

TREND ALERT: Typography Adelle Rewerts Typography has been the differentiating factor between good design and great design since Celtic monks created the Book of Kells 1,200 years ago. It’s also been the bane of the interactive designer’s existence. Poor display, limited choices, and limited code control meant that web design was always the ugly stepchild in the design family. Fast forward to 2015. Mobile apps, JavaScript libraries, html 5, and css3 (and the death of…

Mastering Your Deployment Pipeline (Part 5) 

Mastering Your Deployment Pipeline (Part 5) James Chambers Timeline Impacts Perhaps one of the greatest opponents of automated deployment is the perceived impact on timelines that many developers and managers have of the process.  Indeed, stopping the project to learn new software or changing the way you approach deployment can seem daunting in the face of the unknown. But let’s not discount the positive impacts that this can have as well, including but not limited…

Imaginet Speaks! Join Us LIVE at SQLSaturday in Dallas

Join Imaginet at SQL Saturday #396 – Dallas BI Edition on May 2, 2015 for a special LIVE speaking event with Mike Diehl, Imaginet’s Principle Consultant for Databases and Business Intelligence. Gain insights into Business Intelligence with our Principal Consultant, Mike Diehl, and learn how implement the correct tools to gain leverage into your organization. For more information or register for this event, please visit   Cash In on the Data Dividend: How Power…

Visualizing Data: Telling Your Story (Part 1)

It’s the big day. You’ve spent weeks performing queries and analyzing data. You’ve picked the perfect chart type and highlighted the key information.  It’s your turn to present the corporate dashboards and the quarterly meeting. Before you can even say the word “data”, heads have started to nod off, or worse – look at their phones. I’ve spent years working with analysts to help turn the sparkle in their data-driven eyes into stories that engage…

Work Smarter Not Harder How to Deliver Faster While Doing Less Work
Imaginet MiniCast: Minimize Downtime and Reduce MTTR by Leveraging Visual Studio IntelliTrace
Work Smarter Not Harder How to Deliver Faster While Doing Less Work