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Just for fun, watch our video!

We interviewed Charles Ung, our newest Co-op student from the University of Manitoba. He shares his experiences since joining Imaginet and explains what it takes to join our high performance team.

Find out what he’d do if:

  • He got stuck in an elevator!
  • He won 100 free plane tickets!
  • He had no internet access for a whole month!

What would you do?

Know the answer to the Star Wars Trivia Question at the end? Comment below or tweet us at @justimaginet!


Want to be part of a fun work culture driven by fast learning and continuous improvement?

Imaginet supports students who love learning about new technologies and who are pursuing a career in software development and enterprise innovation.

Charles is just one of the many students we’ve hired over the last 15 years, each from Red River College, Robertson College and the University of Manitoba.

Check out our careers page to learn about our culture and the many perks of joining our expert team!






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