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MinRole Creates Simpler Deployments for SharePoint 2016 Administrators!

In previous versions of SharePoint, there weren’t any roles.  It was up to Administrators to configure which services would run where, and this would sometimes lead to small misconfigurations.

Check out this video to learn all about MinRole and how Administrators can now define each server’s role in the farm topology.

0:52 – What is MinRole?
1:25 – SharePoint Server Roles
2:54 – How Does it Work in SharePoint 2016?
3:26 – Benefits of Using MinRole in Your SharePoint 2016 Environments
4:38 – MinRole Topologies: What to Expect in SharePoint 2016
7:58 – How Does This Impact My SharePoint 2016 Upgrade?
9:34 – MinRole Administration
11:40 – Opting Out of MinRole



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