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Short on development staff because of layoffs or limited budgets? Frustrated with offshoring options that don’t fit your schedule? Imaginet’s Nearshore Development (with teams in US and Canada) will bring you high performance options, how and when you need it.

Imaginet has multiple development centers in Canada and the U.S., each with expert development teams who are permanent residents with 10+ years of education and enterprise experience in North America. When you require contract software development teams or additional development capacity, think local.  Think Imaginet Nearshore Development. Schedule your free consultation call today.


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Benefits of Nearshore Development

Many clients who have tried offshore now engage Imaginet to develop software and innovate faster.

  • Same Language

    All of our developers communicate with English as their primary language, with specific experts who are fluent in French and Spanish, making it easier to collaborate with your internal development teams or local development partners.

  • Your Time Zone

    Our development centers are in the Central Time Zone.  This makes checkpoints and code reviews convenient for clients on the east and west coast. We can set meeting days and times that align with your work hours.  No more meetings at 5 am or 10 pm as with offshore models.

  • Our Communication

    Our high performance development teams enjoy showing our clients what we have built and offer voice, email, screen sharing, virtual white boarding, and instant messaging during working hours. We offer direct contact with the developers you are working with – no middle management to guard you from understanding progress and pitfalls, whenever you like.

  • Our Team Transparency

    Imaginet prides itself on transparency with our clients.  We are pioneers in Agile development and insist on interaction and continuous delivery of value. To see progress and to learn of issues in real time, clients are invited to daily stand up Scrum calls and bi- monthly sprint planning and retrospectives. Imaginet believes that transparency earns trust, and we want you to trust us.

  • Familiar Culture

    We share the same culture as our clients.  When we say “yes”, we mean “yes”. If there is a problem, we will help to solve it with you.  All of the developers on a team have a voice as to how to approach any challenge, not just the team lead.  We genuinely want to work with the sum of all our strengths so our clients gain more value in less time, with less risk.

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4 Ways to Work with Imaginet

  • Blended Team, Client led

    We work with developers or vendors selected by the client. The client has overall ownership of project delivery and we contribute specific services as part of a larger client-managed delivery team.

  • Blended Team, Imaginet led

    In this model, Imaginet is responsible for more than architecture, sprint planning and project management. Client developers are assigned tasks based on a clear understanding of skills.

  • Turn Key

    For clients with minimal technical resources, either because expertise doesn’t exist or other projects are priority.

  • Staff Augmentation

    Imaginet provides highly skilled technical resources for clients who simply need added capacity to a development team.

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Imaginet’s Technologies

Technologies Products Methods Telerik Gold Partner
.NET Visual Studio Automated Testing Kendo UI
ASP.NET TFS Continuous Builds AppBuilder (Cordova)
HTML 5 SQL Server Work Item Tracking
C# SharePoint User Experience
.VB BizTalk
jQuery Azure
.CSS Office 365


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How Much Does It Cost?

Our rates begin at $65 USD / hour. High performance teams range between role, skillset level, and length of engagement.

Find out more about Imaginet’s nearshore cost-effective expertise!
Contact us at or 1-800-989-6022.



Imaginet is your trusted technology partner who turns your business innovation ideas into reality. 20+ years | 1200+ satisfied customers | 2500+ successful engagements. Located in the United States and Canada. Services offered worldwide. Contact us today at or 1-800-989-6022.

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