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VVX 5.5.1. Log Setting Changes

This kept me and beta support spinning for a few days when I was trying to reproduce an issue in regards to logging, and suddenly I couldn’t set all of the logging levels I wanted through my provisioning server.

With 5.5.1 having tighter integration with Skype for Business, the devices now pull additional information from the server for items like QoE and also Log Level settings.   The following command impacts the 5.5.1 firmware according to the table below.  IF left at OFF, your provisioning server log settings will be overridden and not be applied.  Check the table, or the release notes guide for the settings you want, then add the additional ones either manually or through a Provisioning server process.

Set-CsUCPhoneConfiguration -LoggingLevel Off/Low/Medium/High


Not all of the various log setting are set via the Skype PS command, so you many still need to manually set via the web interface or use a provisioning server to set the other log items.

To see what things look like, or how it was eventually discovered, create a Phone Backup from the web interface and open up the .pbu file (I recommend Notepad++).

Waaaaaaay down, is a section labelled CALL_SERVER, these are items pulled from the Skype server.  Provisioning Server log level settings are shown in the CONFIG_FILE section.  Call server overrides Config File, search here if something you expect to be set isn’t working.


P.S. – Cautionary Word of Advice

Prior to any updating of VVX firmware, set logging levels back to their defaults or remove the entries from the Provisioning server common.cfg file.  There is potentially an issue that I encountered which we’ve not been able to reproduce where we no longer can return the SIP logging level back to 4 (default) without breaking the BToE functionality.

Seems to apply to 310’s, possibly 410’s, but not 600’s.  Factory reset factory reset of the devices resolves, but not doing that for 150 devices, but leaving SIP logging level set to 2 fixed the BToE issue.

Yup, weird, reproduced with clients phones, reported to Polycom but haven’t been able to reproduce there.  Best guess is that something happened from going from 5.4.3 to 5.4.4, to 5.4.5 with elevated logging.  IF your BToE is suddenly weird and not connecting or working right, try changes SIP Log Level to 2.  IF that works, please also report it, I think the Polycom engineers think I’m crazy or something… :s

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