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Cloud Computing is more than just the latest buzzword. It is a whole new way of doing business. Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s ever-growing cloud computing platform that is open, flexible, and enterprise-grade to meet any of your business challenges.

While there are numerous advantages for this cloud computing environment, here are the 5 must-know benefits of Microsoft Azure and how it can positively transform your organization.

Benefit #1: Instant Global Presence

The list of companies that can’t benefit from a global reach gets smaller every day. From Fortune 500 companies, to a small-town freelance developer, being able to provide local-type speeds and access to clients and associates no matter where they are located is a major advantage.

The Azure infrastructure has 54 regions around the globe and is available in 140 countries. Wherever a business needs access, an Azure server is ready to handle those requests. This gives even the smallest business the same geographic access as the biggest enterprises, all with the click of button.

Benefit #2: Availability

Nothing makes a seasoned network engineer shudder more than a single point of failure. However, creating redundancy is time consuming, complicated, and expensive. Building a highly available data center requires redundant network links, redundant powers supplies, and redundant hardware. Then, you must do it all again in another location to ensure the data center itself is redundant.

With Azure, high availability is built in. Those redundant links, power, and data centers are included with Azure, saving you time, effort, and money.

Benefit #3: Scalability

Nothing chews up capital like the need for scalability. The moment a business’ endeavors finally hit the big time often comes quickly, and without warning. Preparing for that moment means having costly hardware, and network connections, sitting around waiting to be needed. Even worse, there is no real way to scale back down for slow periods.

Azure solves the scalability problem. Click a button and more resources are available, for as long as you need. Is high season for your business over? No problem. Another click removes those extra resources… and their expense.

Benefit #4: Disaster Recovery and Backup

The world is a messy place, and the best plans and procedures don’t always work. Unexpected flooding, power grid disruptions, fires, or worse, can all take down a datacenter and all the data within it. Less dramatic, but more common, are user errors and glitches, corrupting data without any sort of external disaster.

Since company data started being valuable, there have been efforts to keep it safe. Unfortunately, like scalability, that often involves extra infrastructure laying around, “just in case.” Azure has options for disaster recovery built in. And backups are just as easy with real-time mirroring or taking a snapshot at critical intervals. Either way, your data is safe and ready if and when something does happen.

Benefit #5: Security

Security is a big issue for any company these days. Microsoft has a full-time security team managing the Azure platform that only the biggest of companies could afford to match.

In addition, Azure allows for numerous security options, including encryption of links and encrypted data at rest. Throw in threat detection, DDoS protection, and integration with existing Active Directory sign-on, and security gets a whole lot easier for everyone.

Get Started with Azure Today

These must-know benefits of Microsoft Azure are just some of the many possibilities that exist for businesses and enterprises. Chances are, whatever the need, there is a way to meet it with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how to take advantage of the Azure cloud platform for your business, Imaginet is here to help. As a Microsoft Gold Cloud Productivity partner and a leading provider of Azure cloud services, Imaginet can help you and your organization gain unprecedented efficiencies and cost savings by leveraging the benefits of Microsoft Azure. To find out more, request your free consultation call with us today.


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