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In our previous blog post, we explored 5 key business benefits of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s ever-growing cloud computing platform that is transforming organizations around the globe. But we couldn’t just stop at 5 benefits since there are so many advantages to the Azure cloud.

In Part 2 of this article series below, we will uncover 5 more business benefits of Microsoft Azure and why you should consider leveraging this powerful cloud platform in your organization.

Benefit #6: Cost

5 More Business Benefits of Microsoft Azure - Flexible Costs

Nothing chews up a budget faster than paying for things that aren’t needed. Complicated bundles and licenses required for unused features are the bane of IT budgets. One great benefit of Azure is that you pay only for what you need, and only when you use it, down to seconds of processor time.

Using way less bandwidth on the weekend? Pay less. App usage down during the off-season? Pay less. For companies that have enterprise agreements with Microsoft, many Azure features are discounted or available for free as part of the existing license.

Benefit #7: Container Support

Containers make cloud computing more flexible and easier to use. Microsoft Azure supports numerous container types, including Docker. All of the flexibility of virtual machines and instances on Azure gets even more flexible when a company can easily drop a new container wherever needed.

For a more detailed look at the benefits of leveraging Azure Containers, check out two of our other recent blog posts: 5 Reasons to Love Azure Containers and 4 More Reasons to Love Azure Containers.

Benefit #8: Integrated with Visual Studio

Microsoft’s Visual Studio development environment is gaining more followers in the community. One great benefit of Azure for users working with Visual Studio is the integration with Azure.

Various Azure emulators allow developers to work on Azure apps locally, without even logging into Azure. Then, they can use Visual Studio to publish directly into Azure for quick deployment. All of which is made easier thanks to the Azure SDK, which provides tools and templates right inside of the Visual Studio IDE that the developers are already using.

Benefit #9: Interoperability

5 More Business Benefits of Microsoft Azure - Interoperability

Of course, Microsoft Azure works great with Microsoft products and platforms, but that isn’t all it does. Microsoft is keenly aware that being the “Microsoft Only” cloud platform isn’t the key to the future.

Rather, the company has gone out of its way to work with numerous platforms and vendors. Azure virtual machines easily handle your favorite flavor of Unix or Linux, allowing the business need to dictate the platform, not what is available or standard. Recently, Microsoft and Oracle announced a partnership that even allows customers to work across Azure and Oracle Cloud.

This expanded interoperability between platforms is a huge benefit to businesses, giving them greater flexibility of choice and minimizing “vendor lock.”

Benefit #10: Hybrid Cloud

Cloud computing is great, but most enterprises aren’t ready to just abandon established local resources. Azure supports the so-called hybrid cloud by allowing seamless connection between a company’s on-premises networks with the Azure networks in the cloud.

This paradigm allows companies to focus on the best solution for any resource: local resources for those applications and services that require them, and cloud resources for the others.

Get Started with Azure Today

Now that you’ve seen 10 business benefits that the Azure cloud can bring to your organization, the next step is to find out exactly how Azure can benefit your business.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can take advantage of the Azure cloud platform, Imaginet is here to help. As a Microsoft Gold Cloud Productivity partner and a leading provider of Azure cloud services, Imaginet can help you and your organization gain unprecedented efficiencies and cost savings by leveraging the benefits of Microsoft Azure.

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