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In our previous article entitled 5 Reasons to Love Azure Containers, we explored 5 key benefits of leveraging Azure Containers, including: simplicity, lower costs, support for standard interfaces, predictability, and reliability. Now, in this article (Part 2), we’re going to let the container lovefest continue and give you 4 more reasons to love Azure Containers and how they can benefit your organization.

Imaginet - 4 more redons to love Azure Containers

Reason #6: Containers are Portable

Imagine this: You are ready to take advantage of the power of container development, and you select to run your containers in Azure. Great! But now let’s assume, in the future, you decide that you no longer want to run your containers on Azure anymore. Or perhaps you now want to run your containers across multiple vendors or some combination of public-private cloud.

With containers, that is no problem. For example, Docker containers run the same on Azure, AWS, Linux, local Windows servers, or any other platform that supports containers, making containers highly portable between environments.

Reason #7: Containers are Integrated with Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2017 includes Docker Tools, allowing developers who are already using Visual Studio to easily integrate Azure containers into their workflow. Combine Visual Studio integration and Docker support for ASP.NET projects, and developers can jump right in, leveraging the tools they are already using and familiar with. Deploying to the orchestrator becomes as easy as making a commit.

For developers not using Visual Studio, the Docker CLI (Command Line Interface) providers similar integration with other tools.

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Reason #8: Containers are Secure

The same Active Directory that secures your Windows networks provides fine-grained control over your containers and Kubernetes resources via Active Directory accounts and user groups. Azure also provides a Key Vault to safeguard cryptographic keys. Finally, for security at a network level, the Azure Container Network Interface gives you the ability to create and enforce network policies.

Imaginet - 4 more reasons to love Azure ContainersReason #9: Containers are Scalable

While the ability to replicate containers at will is one of the major advantages of containers on Azure, it can also lead to headaches if you cannot keep track of all those containers, such as where they are and what they are doing.

The Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) offers a simple way to create, configure, and manage virtual machines running containerized applications. AKS uses the standard Kubernetes API endpoints, but reduces the overall complexity by having Azure take over functions like monitoring container health and keeping containers updated.

In addition, the Azure Container Registry (ACR) provides a way to store all of those container images as they are created and then to distribute them to where they are needed. Best of all, you don’t have to learn anything new because Azure Container Registry supports open-source Docker command line tools.

Get Started with Azure Containers Today

While the idea of containerization has been around for a while, its promise is really evident when coupled with cloud computing. The benefits of containers on Azure offer a powerful version of that promise.

If you’re interested in finding out more about container development or have further questions about how Azure Containers can benefit you, Imaginet is here to help. As a leading provider of application development services for over 20 years, Imaginet can help you and your software team gain unprecedented efficiencies by adopting container development and leveraging the power of Azure Containers.


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