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Microsoft’s Project Oakdale is a new platform for Microsoft Teams to deliver Power Apps and Virtual Agents all within the Teams client. Your whole organization can benefit with additional features like relational data tables for storing and collecting information, and one-click solution deployment.

Project Oakdale enables everyone to build and test Power Apps and Virtual Agents directly in Teams with very little coding. Deploying to the correct team is as simple as selecting it.

Relational Data Tables

Via Power Apps, you will be able to quickly build and publish rich full feature Power Apps with relational data tables, like the one below. These tables can be quickly configured and data can be entered directly in the tools. You can save and retrieve data in your app to provide your users with a quick and simple solution to information collection of various types.

Virtual Agents in Microsoft Teams

If you’ve been wanting to quickly build out Power Apps to display and collect data for your teams, or quickly build intelligent chat bots to help your leadership teams connect with the information they are looking for, Project Oakdale is the answer you’ve been looking for. Best of all, no coding or AI-expertise required.

Ready to take advantage of these Project Oakdale features?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner with over 20 years experience in Microsoft technologies and 10 years in Microsoft 365, Imaginet has completed hundreds of successful implementations across North America. We offer a complete suite of professional consulting services to aid in your organization’s unique needs. Our core specialties include Teams, SharePoint, and Power Apps.

We can perform an assessment of your current environment and provide suggestions on the ways to take advantage of all these new features. Learn more about our services and request your free virtual consultation today!


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Jesse Dyck

Jesse Dyck has over 10 years experience as a SharePoint Solutions Consultant. He has delivered custom intranet and internet solutions for various clients both large and small across North America.

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