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SharePoint Service Subscription Edition is the last SharePoint you’re ever going to need.

In summer 2021, Microsoft announced SharePoint Server Subscription Edition (SE) to emphasize the specific needs of on-premises users. Currently in public preview, organizations can explore the many new and improved features that enhance the modern, hybrid workplace experience.

Why Should You Upgrade?

New Modern Experience

Introduces modern concepts and designs specific to on-premises needs, like OpenID Connect support, People Picker improvements, search, list items, and libraries.

Continuous Updates

With SharePoint Server Subscription Edition, you’ll end the cycle of long and costly major version upgrades to get new features and remain in support compliance. These will happen automatically through your subscription.

Easy Upgrades

SE supports direct upgrades from SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint 2019. Better yet, organizations using SharePoint 2016 can upgrade directly to SE without making the jump to SharePoint 2019.

Support for TLS 1.3

Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3 is the latest version of the internet’s most deployed security protocol, which encrypts data to provide a secure communication channel between two endpoints.

And More

We uncover SharePoint Server Subscription Edition and more in Season 1 Episode 4 on the ‘A Day in the Life of the Modern Experience‘ podcast (starting at 10:14).

Ready to learn more?

We have worked with SharePoint since its roots in Microsoft CMS 2003, and with all formal SharePoint versions starting in 2007. This is our top expertise. We’ve provided implementation services for Microsoft 365 since its inception in 2010 and have experience in all Microsoft 365 workloads, including SharePoint upgrades.

Imaginet’s SharePoint Upgrade Services Quick Start is designed to assist organizations in transitioning from previous versions of Microsoft SharePoint to the newest SharePoint release. Request your free virtual consultation today to get started.

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Jeremiah Walker has over 13 years working with Microsoft's technologies and leading the Imaginet Business Productivity Platforms team. As a Principal Consultant, he helps organizations maximize their potential in their own environment.

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