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Welcome to the Microsoft 365 Newest Updates series. Every week, we do our best to sift through the most important Message Center updates into an easy-to-digest format so you’re always up-to-date.

With that out of the way, let’s get started:

PowerPoint Live: Present to Teams from PowerPoint Web App

Associated Roadmap ID: 80600

Release begins in early May with a targeted rollout completion by mid-May. Microsoft 365 users (with some caveats) will be able to present their slide decks from the PowerPoint web app directly to any Teams meeting they are in. Some requirements include using the Teams desktop app, ensuring files are stored in SharePoint or OneDrive for Business, and joining a meeting or call as a presenter before clicking the ‘Present in Teams’ button in PowerPoint.


New Updates to Breakout Rooms

Associated Roadmap ID: 81372

Release begins in mid-April with a targeted rollout completion by the end of April. Microsoft will be adding a new default behaviour to the breakout room functionality for persistent room assignments. This means organizers will be able to set up breakout rooms to have a set list of users that will persist over recurring meetings. Additionally, organizers will be able to reassign users while breakout rooms are open, where currently reassignment only works when breakout rooms are closed. Lastly, organizers will also be able to set timers for the breakout rooms via the breakout rooms settings panel.


Easily Create Power BI Reports from Lists

Release begins in early May with a targeted rollout completion by early June. Lists users will be able to generate Power BI reports with a few simple clicks. Via the “Integrate > Power BI > Visualize this list menu”, Microsoft 365 users can autogenerate a simple report and pick the different list columns used in that report. Once saved and published, it will be linked via the “Integrate > Power BI” menu.

Keep in mind, as usual, any interaction with creating Power BI reports requires an E5 or Power BI Pro License. Also, another caveat, complex columns (person, location, etc.) are not currently supported when the Power BI report is autogenerated. It is unknown if the feature will allow you to add those fields after the fact.


SharePoint Auto News Digest Updates

Associated Roadmap ID: 70606

Finally, branding has come to News Digests. From mid-April to the end of June, this new feature set will be rolling out to users including:

  • The ability to brand your digest with a theme colour set and logo.
  • An intelligent ranking so users see the most relevant news for them.
  • An updated look and feel.

Luckily, you don’t need to be much to prepare. The digest will use the site theme you have already configured.


That’s it for the updates of note this week. See you again next week for more updates and changes!

As always, if you have any questions regarding these new updates, or require guidance with your Microsoft 365 solution, Imaginet is here to help.

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