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Agile Project Management in Consulting

Agile project management is a popular approach to software development that has been widely adopted by consulting firms in recent years. Imaginet has fully adopted Agile as a project management delivery methodology and has been supporting clients by mentoring teams to learn this approach. This Project Management method is based on the Agile Manifesto, a set of principles for software development that prioritize flexibility and collaboration over more rigid, traditional waterfall approaches. While waterfall project management still has its place in consulting project delivery, it’s more from a perspective of scope deliverables originally contracted.

One of the key benefits of agile project management is that it allows for a more iterative and incremental approach to software development giving a faster Return on Investment (ROI) for the customer. Rather than trying to plan out every aspect of a project in advance, agile teams focus on delivering small, usable features of software on a regular basis. This allows the development team to be more responsive to changes in the project’s requirements or priorities, and to get feedback from users more quickly.

Another key benefit of agile project management is that it promotes collaboration and transparency. Agile teams are typically made up of small, cross-functional groups that work closely together to deliver the project. This approach encourages frequent communication and collaboration and helps to ensure that all team members are on the same page and accountable for their aspects of development and deliverables. It also helps to quickly highlight areas of concern or that need further design before development.

Flexibility is the key

Agile project management also emphasizes the importance of flexibility and adaptability. In an agile environment, teams and our clients and Product Owners are encouraged to be open to change, and to be willing to pivot and adapt as the project evolves. This can be especially important in the fast-paced world of software consulting, where projects are often subject to change and uncertainty.

Another advantage is transparency, this transparency helps with communication, collaboration, and collective ownership of the project. The project team collaborates and reports transparently their daily progress, the Product Owner gets to hear in real time the progress, issues and blocking issues.

One of the main tools that agile teams use to manage their projects is the agile sprint. A sprint is a short, fixed period of time (typically two to four weeks) during which the team focuses on delivering a specific set of features or functionality. At the end of each sprint, the team reviews their progress and adjusts their plan for the next sprint accordingly.

While agile project management is not without its challenges, it has proven to be an effective approach for many software consulting firms. By prioritizing flexibility, collaboration, and transparency, agile teams are able to deliver high-quality software in a timely and efficient manner. If your company is considering adopting an agile approach to project management, it is worth considering the many benefits that this method has to offer with Imaginet Consultants offering you mentoring and support throughout the consulting experience.


Karin Ross

As Director of Operations, Karin brings over 20 years of Project and Resource Management experience to Imaginet, managing client project delivery and operational optimization. She is a Director of Governance at PMI Manitoba and has her PMP and PMI-ACP.

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