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 Streamline Your Org-Wide Signatures & Disclaimers with Microsoft 365

Organization-wide signatures and disclaimers can help to create a consistent and professional appearance for all emails sent from your organization. These signatures can include your organization’s logo, contact information, and other important details and can be automatically added to all employee emails. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the organization-wide signatures and disclaimers feature in Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) and explain how to construct an organization-wide signature.

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Understanding organization-wide signatures and disclaimers

The organization-wide signatures and disclaimers feature in M365 allows you to apply a standard signature or disclaimer to all emails sent from your organization. Options to consider adding include your organization’s name, address, phone number, website, and email address, as well as a tagline or motto and your organization’s logo. The feature is available through Exchange Online and can be configured by the person assigned to the Exchange Administrator role.

Benefits of using organization-wide signatures and disclaimers

Organization-wide signatures and disclaimers can give your organization’s email communication a distinct and polished look. Standardized formatting can help establish your brand, provide necessary contact information for employees and clients, and ensure that all emails sent from your organization comply with your policies.

Creating an organization-wide signature

To make an organization-wide signature, you’ll need to access the Exchange admin center in M365. From here, you can go to “Mail flow” > “Signatures” to create a new signature and apply it to all employees in your organization. You can also edit existing signatures or delete ones that aren’t needed.

Using HTML or graphic signatures

If you want to use HTML or graphic signatures, firstly, build the signature in Outlook and then apply it to all employees using the Exchange admin center. To create an HTML or graphic signature, open Outlook and go to “File” > “Options.” From the Outlook Options window, select “Mail” and then click the “Signatures” button. From here, create a new signature by clicking the “New” button and typing in the information you want to include. You can also use HTML or graphic signatures by using the “Edit Signature” option.

Applying the signature to all employees

Once you’ve completed your signature, you’ll need to apply it to all employees in your organization. You can do this using Exchange Online PowerShell or the Exchange admin center. In the Exchange admin center, go to “Mail flow” > “Signatures.” From here, you can select the signature you want and apply it to all employees in your organization.

Testing your signature

Once you’ve applied your signature to all employees, test it to ensure it appears correctly in emails. You can send a test email to yourself or another colleague to check the format and appearance of your signature.

In conclusion, the organization-wide signatures and disclaimers feature in M365 is a valuable tool to enhance clarity, branding, and professionalism in email communications. These tips can help you design an organization-wide signature that accurately reflects your organization’s brand and provides essential contact information for your employees and clients. organization-wide email signatures also come with some limitations; for more details on limitations, refer to

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