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Tracking Progress with Rollup Columns in Azure DevOps

Previously in Azure DevOps, it has been a bit cumbersome to track the progress of parent Work Items in the Azure Boards backlog view. But now, with the introduction of Rollup Columns, you can visually see which items are being worked on and how close they are to being completed. We read about them in Microsoft Azure DevOps Sprint 157 release notes, but the notes did not provide information on how to see them. In…

Work Item Parent Column in Azure DevOps

One highly requested, yet simple, feature that has recently been added to Azure DevOps Services is the Work Item Parent Column feature. With this feature, you can now add a column to show the parent of a Work Item in a flat list DevOps query and in your product backlog or sprint backlog. This seems simple, but this missing feature has caused a lot of frustration for Azure DevOps users over the years. In this…

Work Item Live Reload in Azure DevOps

Previously in Azure DevOps, if two team members were updating the exact same Work Item at the exact same time, the team member who clicked “Save” last would lose their changes. This can be very annoying and frustrating, especially when team members are trying to work concurrently to maximize their productivity. Introducing Azure DevOps’ new Work Item Live Reload feature. Now each team member will see live updates of any Work Item changes made by…

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