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Why Does Agile Fail? — Part One

I’ve worked with a lot of teams who have tried to adopt Agile and failed.  Why does agile fail? There are many reasons why this happens, but I tend to see clients struggle for 2 main reasons: Lack of Focus on Technical Practices No Agile Experience on the Team In this 2-part blog series (click here for Part 2), I'll share some insights into the issues that may be occurring for you. Reason #1: Lack…
February 12, 2014
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How to Successfully Integrate Across Platforms

In this case study, you will learn how Attix5 successfully integrated across multiple platforms with Imaginet. Attix5 recently introduced a new product suite to its stable called Attix5 Pro V7. It was developed to meet the growing demands of cloud solutions environments and focuses on delivering a comprehensive data protection solution within remotely hosted environments based on the FIPS compliant Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). The challenges Attix5 faced previously were that their software development and…
February 12, 2014
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Get the Most from Your Azure MSDN Subscription

Today I am going to go through some scripts I use every day to manage complex Azure hosted environments so that you can get the most from your Azure MSDN subscription. Windows Azure PowerShell I have written a number of posts using the Windows Azure PowerShell Module, and I even use it as an example when writing my own modules. If you do not have it installed on your machine, I highly recommend it. Windows…
January 22, 2014
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How to Get Free Money from Microsoft to Plan Your SharePoint Deployment

Microsoft SharePoint redefines collaboration and document management and represents a new way to work together. As a Microsoft Volume Licensing Software Assurance customer, Microsoft can provide you with free funding for to help you plan your SharePoint Deployment through their SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS) program. This service can help you plan a successful deployment of Microsoft SharePoint Server or SharePoint Online. With the expertise of a qualified Planning Services partner such as Imaginet, SDPS…
January 20, 2014
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How To Manage Your Test Labs Without The Headaches

Are you ready to learn how to manage your test labs without the headaches? Then you've come to the right place. In this webinar video, we're going to show you: Why managing test labs can be such a challenge and how to avoid the headaches. How to effectively expedite and streamline your Build-Deploy-Test process using Microsoft Lab Management. Learn how to provision lab environments quickly for your testers and developers How to enhance the productivity…
January 16, 2014
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5 Pillars of Successful UX Design

I'd like to begin this post by establishing the purpose of User Experience Design (UX). UX is about people. It's about understanding the needs of people and marrying them with the needs of business. Throughout the past 5-7 years, UX has grown tremendously. Organizations all over the world are bringing in UX specialists to ensure that their applications and products meet the needs of their users. These organizations have seen success in product adoption, development…
January 13, 2014
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