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Training with Microsoft Visual Studio Testing Tools

Imaginet is thrilled to announce its latest Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 training class: Testers Training with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 ALM Tools. This four-day instructor-led course is jam packed with knowledge that will give you the edge and advanced skills to use the latest Visual Studio testing tools that are available with Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate. Whether you have been using Visual Studio 2012 for some time, or are currently using Visual Studio 2010 getting…
January 7, 2013
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Getting Started with Visual Studio Coded UI Tests: Building Your First Automated Test

This training video demonstrates how to record test run against various types of application user interfaces using Microsoft Visual Studio Coded UI Tests and how to replay them at any time.  Additionally, we explore how to embed validations, either simple or elaborate, to ensure your application is producing the correct results. Learn how to improve the quality of your applications by having a repeatable set of Visual Studio Coded UI Tests available to ensure defects…
December 10, 2012
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Streamline Your Testing with Visual Studio Testing Tools

This video is an overview of the Microsoft Visual Studio ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) testing tools, including how to use Microsoft Test & Lab Manager to manage your testing and how to use test automation to automate your UI testing. The use of Test Lab will be discussed as a means of automating the creation of virtual (VM) environments for testing purposes. Deploying to VM environments during build will be demonstrated and facilitate a robust…
December 10, 2012
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Approaches to Kanban with Team Foundation Server

Although originally created to help manufacturing organizations schedule and improve processes, Kanban can also be effectively applied to software development. The lean principles of manufacturing can help development teams improve delivery through better visibility and limits on work in process. In this recording of our Live Web Workshop, Imaginet will start with an overview of the Kanban method, including the history and motivation, the core principles and practices, and how these apply to efficiency and…
December 10, 2012
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Microsoft Emphasis on Cloud with Next Office Release

This is turning out to be an exciting year for Microsoft. A few weeks ago they announced Surface, a revolutionary new tablet from Microsoft that is launching before Christmas. It features incredible design, revolutionary new magnetic Type Cover, and incredible new user interface. But with all the hype around the hardware and Windows 8, a key component was still missing. A killer application. Microsoft Releases Office 2013 Preview Office Preview is incredible. I have been using it now…
July 17, 2012
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