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This energy safety regulator had data sprawled across three databases and struggled with analyzing data to determine if the money they were spending per region was appropriate. Leveraging the Microsoft Power BI data analysis and visualization tools, Imaginet helped this company make instant and more informed business decisions.

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Business Situation:

A national energy board safety regulator needed to correlate financial and time sheet data with their project management system. As part of a their mandate as government regulator, they had to determine if the money they were spending on projects in various geographies was appropriate and if the time and resources used were recorded and matched correctly.

Despite having all of the information, it was sprawled across 3 different data sources. They wanted to know how the Microsoft Power BI  data analysis tools could help them to visualize and understand their data in a more cohesive way to ensure compliance. They engaged Imaginet to provide an extensive analysis of their data.

Solution Story:

Imaginet’s BI Architect worked for several days with their Project Manager and met with the various departments responsible for their 3 systems to improve data analysis and visualization using Power BI. Microsoft PowerPivot and Power View for SharePoint Server were used to interpret all of the data from SQL databases and Excel spreadsheets.

Imaginet presented a prototype to show data visualizations and provided an assessment for BI maturity capabilities. This was the first time the company was able to see their data correlated. During the demonstration of the prototype, managers wanted to immediately drill down through the visualizations and make operational change decisions based on the information in front of them.

Total Duration:2 weeks

Value Provided

  • Gained compelling business insights with powerful data analysis
  • Improved reports for governing departments with highly detailed visualizations
  • Assessment also provided to improve business intelligence capabilities

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