Case Study

Platform Migration. Enhanced.

Imaginet's expert application architecture, development and implementation services resulted in the support of over 600,000 customers and 1.3 million policy records for this major insurance company.

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Business Situation:

Canada’s leading pet health insurance company needed to migrate their main policy system off their mainframe and onto .NET.

Solution Story:

Imaginet architected, developed and successfully implemented the core insurance application for this client. The system manages virtually every aspect of business including:

  • Enrollment Services
  • Inquiry Services
  • E-Commerce
  • Mobile Support
  • Underwriting Policies and Processing Claims Sales
  • Phone System Integration
  • Payment Scheduling
  • Claim Issuing

The application currently supports over 600,000 customers and 1.3 million policy records.

Total Duration: 15 months

Value Provided

  • Workflow Document Generation
  • Integration points into third party services, systems and software.
  • Conversion of legacy customers, policies, claims and financials from existing systems.

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