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Collaborate and Search. Efficiently.

The Sales and Marketing teams for this national manufacturer and retailer struggled to locate and exchange information. After an extensive content library assessment, Imaginet created a phased road map and immediate action plan to augment their SharePoint search functionality and improve collaboration for all end users.

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Business Situation:

This Fortune 500 customer had developed a SharePoint solution for their national sales team to enable the efficient exchange of documents and data between marketing and sales.

The solution was originally intended to provide fast and efficient access to product information, promotional material, and best practices as they relate to selling.

Despite large amounts content being published to the site, the end users had a hard time finding what they were looking for. The SharePoint search results were very poor and the teams were frustrated. The feedback from the field sales team was that it took long too long to search for the content they needed to complete their work, or they couldn’t find the content they needed at all.

Solution Story:

Imaginet executed an extensive SharePoint search assessment of their site and the content repositories within it.

SharePoint Search and Collaboration

Multiple issues were discovered including a lack of federation to certain content sources, a lack of Metadata, and an invalid use of Managed Metadata.

To augment their search functionality and information exchange using SharePoint, Imaginet created a roadmap for the required configuration changes.

Imaginet interviewed the the team to gather information about their current business processes and requirements.

By leveraging out of the box SharePoint search capabilities, the team focused on configuration changes that were both quick to implement, and low cost for the organization

The result was an immediate action plan and Imaginet improved SharePoint search results for all end users of their solution.

Value Provided

  • Enhanced collaboration between sales and marketing
  • Enhanced Policy Acknowledgement system for all staff
  • Action plan to improve internet

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