Case Study

Platform Migration. Accelerated.

The redevelopment process should be thorough and on time. With Imaginet, this healthcare software solutions company received exceptional results months earlier than anticipated.

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Business Situation:

This healthcare software solutions company provided multiple services to long-term care facilities across North America and required a redevelopment of their portfolio of healthcare products.

Solution Story:

Imaginet created a technology platform migration roadmap to move the client from legacy development tools (like Dexterity) to .NET.

Our mentoring and skills transfer plan helped their staff adopt the new tools. Imaginet embedded Senior Developers and Agile Coaches into the developer teams to ensure the project was completed on time and that lessons were implemented correctly throughout the migration and conversion process.

Imaginet mentored the client’s staff throughout all stages of the agile software development from requirements for testing and deployment, through the construction of a series of reference applications that used the application framework.

Total Duration: 8 months

Value Provided

  • Rapid adoption of a new technology platform
  • Knowledge transfer of new technology to in house development team
  • Onsite coaching and mentoring of best practices
  • Release to market of new platform months earlier than anticipated

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