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Just-In-Time Data. Real-Time Decision Making.

With the help of Microsoft Power BI and Imaginet's BI team, Twin Liquors now has instant, self-service access to their current sales and inventory data that results in more effective, real-time decisions making.

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Twin Liquors Fine Wine & Spirits is a market leader in retail and wholesale beer, wine, and spirits sales in Texas, but the reports they used to make business decisions were not only time consuming to assemble, but it was also challenging to get the latest data. By time the report was ready, the report data was at least 30 days old, hindering Twin Liquors ability to make effective, forward-looking business decisions.

Twin Liquors quickly realized that they needed a new self-service, just-in-time reporting solution that leveraged their most current data in order to make the best business decisions possible.



Twin Liquors reached out to Imaginet and our Business Intelligence (BI) experts to help plan, design, and implement their BI reporting vision. First, Imaginet met with Twin Liquors to deeply understand their vision and to determine the exact data and requirements needed for the Microsoft Power BI solution. From there, Imaginet designed an initial Power BI data model that integrated Twin Liquor’s current sales and inventory data together.

Once the data model was in place, Imaginet created the Power BI dashboards and reports that provided the critical just-in-time data and insights that Twin Liquors needed to truly revolutionize their business decision making process. Now, instead of looking into the past by using old stale data, Twin Liquors had instant access to current sales and inventory data in Power BI to make just-in-time decisions like:

  • Inventory Turn: How many times is the current inventory selling? What should we buy more/less of right now to keep up with current demand?
  • Slow/Fast Moving Inventory by Store: What inventory is slow-moving in one store that is fast-moving in another store? Should we transfer that inventory right now?
  • Most/Least Profitable Product Lines: What are the most/least profitable product lines? What should we buy more/less of right now to make the most profit?
  • Most Valuable Customers: Who are our most valuable customers, and what/how do they buy?

Total Duration: 10 days

Value Provided

  • Up-to-date, self-service business intelligence dashboards
  • More effective, real-time decision making
  • Significant decrease in time and effort to create the executive business reports

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