Microservices 101: What You Need to Know

Microservices, as the name implies, is a software architecture model where processes are broken down into small, standalone services. Microservices are then coupled together with other microservices, or as a part of a larger service to perform an overall function via universally accessible APIs. This contrasts with the standard monolithic architecture where all functions and processes are contained within a single application. Typically, a microservice delivers a single function or limited number of small functions….

FREE WHITEPAPER: How to Design Resilient Applications on Azure

When it comes to moving applications from on-premises environments to Azure or to building new applications on Azure, it’s important that you have a process for achieving resilience using a structured approach throughout the lifetime of your application—from design and implementation to deployment and operations. Resilience is defined as a system’s ability to recover from failures and continue to function. Resilience is not only about avoiding failures but also involves responding to failures in a…

Microsoft AI: What It Is and Why You Need It

It has been decades since science fiction put humanity inside the Matrix and even longer since HAL refused to open the pod bay doors, but real-life technology has finally caught up enough to begin offering Artificial Intelligence, or AI. What Is AI? Artificial intelligence is a way of programming computers, not with static logic, but with the ability to imitate human perception and thought. To achieve this end, computers need to be able to both…

5 More Business Benefits of Microsoft Azure

In our previous blog post, we explored 5 key business benefits of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s ever-growing cloud computing platform that is transforming organizations around the globe. But we couldn’t just stop at 5 benefits since there are so many advantages to the Azure cloud. In Part 2 of this article series below, we will uncover 5 more business benefits of Microsoft Azure and why you should consider leveraging this powerful cloud platform in your organization….

5 Key Business Benefits of Microsoft Azure

Cloud Computing is more than just the latest buzzword. It is a whole new way of doing business. Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s ever-growing cloud computing platform that is open, flexible, and enterprise-grade to meet any of your business challenges. While there are numerous advantages for this cloud computing environment, here are the 5 must-know benefits of Microsoft Azure and how it can positively transform your organization. Benefit #1: Instant Global Presence The list of companies…

DevOps Defined in 3 Simple Sentences

Many of us are already familiar with the general concept of DevOps . But when asked by someone unfamiliar with DevOps, “What exactly is DevOps?”, it can be very tough to succinctly explain. In the latest Azure DevOps update video, Microsoft provides the perfect definition of DevOps in 3 simple sentences (jump to 02:45 in the video down below): “Think of DevOps as one continuous motion, where you plan, build, deploy, and operate your apps….

4 More Reasons to Love Azure Containers

In our previous article entitled 5 Reasons to Love Azure Containers, we explored 5 key benefits of leveraging Azure Containers, including: simplicity, lower costs, support for standard interfaces, predictability, and reliability. Now, in this article (Part 2), we’re going to let the container lovefest continue and give you 4 more reasons to love Azure Containers and how they can benefit your organization. Reason #6: Containers are Portable Imagine this: You are ready to take advantage…

5 Reasons to Love Azure Containers

The world of computing moves so quickly these days that you need to be able to run your important applications, resources, and programs anywhere – and fast. You can’t spend days setting up and testing environments, different operating systems, and varying dependencies. And it’s even more complicated today since your infrastructure possibilities can range from hosting everything on your own servers at your own site, to hosting everything on someone else’s servers across different cloud…

Join Imaginet at the ShareCloud Summit in Dallas – April 18th

Join Imaginet at the 11th annual ShareCloud Summit (formerly SharePoint TechFest) on April 18, 2019 at the Irving Convention Center in Las Colinas. The ShareCloud Summit is a one day educationally focused conference and expo with valuable opportunities for technology providers and buyers to collaborate on solutions for the business.  It is the technology event to attend for all businesses that currently run Microsoft stack – including SharePoint, Office 365, and Azure – to maximize…

Now Available: Azure DevOps Server 2019 RC2

If you are using Azure DevOps Server 2019 RC1 or a previous version of Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), you can now upgrade to Azure DevOps Server 2019 RC2. Newly released from Microsoft this week, this new Release Candidate includes some new features to make your self-hosted Azure DevOps Server experience more streamlined for your team. With Azure DevOps Server 2019 RC2, you can now: Integrate your GitHub Enterprise repositories with your Azure boards Configure…

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