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4 More Reasons to Love Azure Containers

By All Posts, Application Development, Azure, Enterprise Architecture

In our previous article entitled 5 Reasons to Love Azure Containers, we explored 5 key benefits of leveraging Azure Containers, including: simplicity, lower costs, support for standard interfaces, predictability, and reliability. Now, in this article (Part 2), we’re going to let the container lovefest continue and give you 4 more reasons to love Azure Containers and how they can benefit your organization. Reason #6: Containers are Portable Imagine this: You are ready to take advantage…

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5 Reasons to Love Azure Containers

By All Posts, Application Development, Azure, Enterprise Architecture

The world of computing moves so quickly these days that you need to be able to run your important applications, resources, and programs anywhere – and fast. You can’t spend days setting up and testing environments, different operating systems, and varying dependencies. And it’s even more complicated today since your infrastructure possibilities can range from hosting everything on your own servers at your own site, to hosting everything on someone else’s servers across different cloud…

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Now Available: Azure DevOps Server 2019 RC2

By All Posts, Application Lifecycle Management, Azure, DevOps, Team Foundation Server, Uncategorized, Visual Studio

If you are using Azure DevOps Server 2019 RC1 or a previous version of Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), you can now upgrade to Azure DevOps Server 2019 RC2. Newly released from Microsoft this week, this new Release Candidate includes some new features to make your self-hosted Azure DevOps Server experience more streamlined for your team. With Azure DevOps Server 2019 RC2, you can now: Integrate your GitHub Enterprise repositories with your Azure boards Configure…

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Make Your Life Easy with Password-less Security

By All Posts, Azure, Modern Workplace, Productivity

Maintaining strong security through complex passwords can be difficult when staff need to manually type those passwords in multiple times a day to access their applications.  Most people tend to lean towards a password that is easy to remember.  That easy-to-remember password with maybe a number at the end is not all that complex and is easy to crack. If your password is something you need to write down on a note that you keep…

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An Introduction to Kubernetes

By All Posts, Application Development, Azure, Enterprise Architecture

Today’s applications are facing ever-growing expectations and demands. End users expect applications to be available 24/7 with near-zero defects. Application updates are expected to be instantaneous and seamless. And software development teams are expected to create, update, and maintain applications in reduced time with limited resources. As a result, software development teams are always looking for better ways to develop and deploy applications in order to meet these ever growing demands. Introducing Container Development Container…

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Power Query for Azure tables and Updating Column Names

By All Posts, Azure, Power BI & SQL, Tutorials No Comments

Power Query for Azure Tables and Updating Column Names I recently did some PowerBI work using Azure Table Storage. In the query editor, it seemed that each table I pulled in from Azure Tables had a very similar process.: Get the list of tables available for the storage account. Select a table Select the Content of the table (excluding the RowKey, PartitionKey, and timestamp columns) Expand the columns in the Content Rename the columns Azure…

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How Can You Protect Your Cloud Applications from Outages?

By All Posts, Azure, Cloud No Comments
How Can You Protect Your Cloud Applications from Outages? Were you affected by the Amazon Web Services (AWS) outage this week? If you use Quora, Slack or Trello chances are you were.  S3 Storage services in the US-East region was essentially unavailable for 4-5 hours.  Since many other AWS services and customer applications depend on S3, this had a large wide-ranging impact across many services, sites and applications. Some popular sites that were affected included: Quora...
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Scaling Azure SQL Databases Up and Down

By All Posts, Azure, Power BI & SQL, SQL Server, Tutorials No Comments
Scaling Azure SQL databases up and down   I've recently been working on a project where we push data from an on-premise database to a set of Azure SQL databases daily, and use that Azure SQL database as the source for a Power BI dataset. The dataset gets refreshed once a day. Our Azure SQL data marts are pretty small - all but one of them are under 2 GB, and the largest one is...
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Microsoft O365 has Touched Down in Canada — Are You Ready?

By All Posts, Announcements, Application Lifecycle Management, Azure, Cloud No Comments

On May 10, 2016, Microsoft announced the general availability of a new Office 365 datacenter region in Canada. This new datacenter region adds in-country data residency, failover, and disaster recovery for core customer data at rest to customers in Canada. Microsoft states, “This new datacenter region is comprised of two geographically distributed datacenters located in Toronto and Quebec City. Providing data residency for customers in Canada will accelerate the growth and potential of Canadian industries…

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Choosing the Right Web Platform for Your Cloud Development

By All Posts, Application Development, Azure, Cloud, Enterprise Architecture

When do you use Azure Websites as your web platform for cloud development, and when do you use Cloud Services? These two platforms provide similar functionality in that you can deploy your ASP.NET or other IIS based web application projects to either of these platforms. There are some general guidelines as to choosing one over the other and some specific differences that may help you in making that decision. In this post, I discuss the…

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