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Choosing the Right Web Platform for Your Cloud Development

By All Posts, Application Development, Azure, Cloud, Enterprise Architecture

When do you use Azure Websites as your web platform for cloud development, and when do you use Cloud Services? These two platforms provide similar functionality in that you can deploy your ASP.NET or other IIS based web application projects to either of these platforms. There are some general guidelines as to choosing one over the other and some specific differences that may help you in making that decision. In this post, I discuss the…

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Get the Most from Your Azure MSDN Subscription

By All Posts, Application Development, Azure, Cloud, Visual Studio

Today I am going to go through some scripts I use every day to manage complex Azure hosted environments so that you can get the most from your Azure MSDN subscription. Windows Azure PowerShell I have written a number of posts using the Windows Azure PowerShell Module, and I even use it as an example when writing my own modules. If you do not have it installed on your machine, I highly recommend it. Windows…

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Microsoft Emphasis on Cloud with Next Office Release

By All Posts, Azure, Cloud, Office 365 No Comments

This is turning out to be an exciting year for Microsoft. A few weeks ago they announced Surface, a revolutionary new tablet from Microsoft that is launching before Christmas. It features incredible design, revolutionary new magnetic Type Cover, and incredible new user interface. But with all the hype around the hardware and Windows 8, a key component was still missing. A killer application. Microsoft Releases Office 2013 Preview Office Preview is incredible. I have been using it now…

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