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Enterprise Architecture

Microsoft Surface Hub is Here! Are You Ready?

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Microsoft Surface Hub is Here! Are You Ready? Did you know that worldwide there are over 50 million collaborative spaces, 10 million large conference rooms, and 200 million personal offices that provide collaborative experiences? And most of these collaborative spaces have a need for large interactive displays, group audio/video conferencing technology, digital white boarding, and custom business applications to maximize the collaboration experience. Enter the new Microsoft Surface Hub. This new revolutionary 84-inch 4K TV-tablet-computer…

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Selecting the Right Mobile Enterprise Application Platform – PART 1

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There is a wave of change (and opportunity) hitting enterprises as a result of mobile technologies. This wave of change refers to how employees use mobility in their day-to-day jobs within the enterprise, otherwise known as “enterprise mobility”. (see “Are You Ready for the Mobile Tsunami?”) According to Symantec (2012), over half of all businesses are already making line-of-business applications accessible from mobile devices. It is becoming imperative for enterprises to develop a solid mobile strategy…

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Choosing the Right Web Platform for Your Cloud Development

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When do you use Azure Websites as your web platform for cloud development, and when do you use Cloud Services? These two platforms provide similar functionality in that you can deploy your ASP.NET or other IIS based web application projects to either of these platforms. There are some general guidelines as to choosing one over the other and some specific differences that may help you in making that decision. In this post, I discuss the…

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Choosing Aggregate Boundaries – Consistency

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Those who know me know I’m a pretty big fan of the CQRS set of design patterns. CQRS style architectures typically borrow / build-upon the DDD (Domain Driven Design) set of patterns (in fact before Greg Young coined the term CQRS he was calling it DDDD [Distributed DDD]).  One pattern that’s pretty central in DDD is the concept of Aggregates.  This is the practice of splitting your domain model up into pieces, and these pieces…

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Enterprise Architecture – SOA with a Dash of PubSub

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In the past few weeks, I’ve been helping a client come up with an Enterprise Architecture (EA), and I realized that I seem to have zero’d in on an enterprise architecture that I would probably use at most places. First off, what do I mean by Enterprise Architecture?  I know lots of people use this to mean different things. For this post, I’m using the term Enterprise Architecture to describe how the various applications and systems…

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Using Visual Studio Layer Diagrams for Fun and Profit

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One of my favorite and most underused features introduced in Visual Studio 2010 was Visual Studio Layer Diagrams.  It’s a really simple tool to learn and use, but amazingly powerful. It’s a diagramming tool that allows you to draw a diagram consisting of boxes and arrows, where the boxes are meant to represent your layers/components, and the arrows represent dependencies.  If you’ve ever been asked to whiteboard out the architecture/layers of your application, you probably…

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