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Microsoft Pushing Forward with SharePoint Modern April 1st

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It has been announced that Microsoft will be removing the opt out option for Modern design within SharePoint Online on April 1st, 2019. If your tenant has been configured to use the Classic SharePoint 2013 interface using the opt out option, you will be switched over to Modern on April 1st. The Modern interface has come along way since it was first revealed and continues to improve at a rapid pace. There are new Web…

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Learn What’s New in SharePoint Server 2019

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Microsoft took a cue from the car manufacturers and released SharePoint Server 2019 in the fall of 2018. First announced for general availability at Microsoft Ignite, the SharePoint Server 2019 release was built on the same core platform as SharePoint Server 2016 while also incorporating many of the newest modern SharePoint Online features found in the cloud-based version of SharePoint. The release provides businesses with both compatibility for their existing installs and a path to…

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Modernize Your Meetings with Microsoft Teams Rooms

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If you’re ready to transform your meetings and modernize your entire meeting room experience, then you are ready for Microsoft Teams Rooms.  Microsoft has a solid commitment to making Teams a complete meetings and calling solution, and as a result, they are rebranding Skype Room Systems as Microsoft Teams Rooms. Watch this short video from Microsoft to learn how Microsoft Teams Rooms will transform all of your meeting room experiences – from small huddle spaces…

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Make Your Life Easy with Password-less Security

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Maintaining strong security through complex passwords can be difficult when staff need to manually type those passwords in multiple times a day to access their applications.  Most people tend to lean towards a password that is easy to remember.  That easy-to-remember password with maybe a number at the end is not all that complex and is easy to crack. If your password is something you need to write down on a note that you keep…

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Where Do I Schedule My Meetings and Events?

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In the world of Microsoft Office 365, there are several services that provide the ability for people to schedule interactive audio video sessions.  They provide similar functionality in some cases, but they are meant to be used for different audiences.  Today we will break down what your options are to help you better understand which tool you should be using for each different audience type. Collaborative Meetings If your goal is to schedule a collaborative…

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Transforming Your Corporate Workplace Experience

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Your company puts great value on an agile and delightful work environment. But with corporate campuses getting bigger and offices sprawling across multiple cities, this can result in some frustrating challenges for employees, clients, and visitors. Employees often travel from one campus to the next and are faced with a new space each time. Clients and visitors can feel lost as they attempt to navigate an unfamiliar campus. And with the rapidly changing demands and…

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How to Use Microsoft Automate to Improve Productivity

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It can be a lengthy process for Marketing Teams who are creating and publishing content to a company intranet, public-facing website(s), or social media. The process starts with a team member writing an initial draft of content. The content then goes through a chain of emails and/or meetings for editing, reviewing, and approving. Once approved, the content is sent to another team to publish to external sites or social media to start the campaign. It…

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Introduction: Getting to Know Microsoft Automate (Previously Flow)

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Long gone are the days when we need to bring in developers to create customized workflows to optimize our business processes. Today, Microsoft makes it easy to automate your business processes using Microsoft Automate (previously named Microsoft Flow). The best part about Automate is that you don’t have to be a “power user” to create automated workflows between your favorite apps and services. Automate can run manually based on user actions, based on a cloud…

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Microsoft Announces Retirement and Shutdown of Office 365 Access Web Apps and Web Databases

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Microsoft Announces Retirement and Shutdown of Access Web Apps and Web Databases in Office 365 and SharePoint Online   Did you hear? Microsoft has announced that Access web apps and Access web databases in Office 365 and SharePoint Online are being retired. More importantly, Microsoft will shut down any remaining Access-based web apps and Access web databases by April 2018. Read Microsoft official announcement here. What Should I Do? There are several things you should...
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Getting Ready: Digital Transformation for Credit Unions

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Getting Ready: Digital Transformation for Credit Unions For decades, we’ve seen the rise and fall of a variety of corporations due to changes in technology. We’ve seen well-known companies in the movie rental, photography, and retail industries disappear quickly, while others seem to have appeared overnight – all because of their ability to transform digitally.   Why did it only take a few years for Blockbuster to be disrupted by Netflix? Why is Uber successful…

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