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Selecting the Right Mobile Enterprise Application Platform – PART 1

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There is a wave of change (and opportunity) hitting enterprises as a result of mobile technologies. This wave of change refers to how employees use mobility in their day-to-day jobs within the enterprise, otherwise known as “enterprise mobility”. (see “Are You Ready for the Mobile Tsunami?”) According to Symantec (2012), over half of all businesses are already making line-of-business applications accessible from mobile devices. It is becoming imperative for enterprises to develop a solid mobile strategy…

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Are You Getting the Most Value from Your Dev Teams? Learn How!

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With today’s fast-paced work environment, 21st century modern development management tools are necessary for your development teams to deliver high value more efficiently. Employing modern, up-to-date methods can help you and your team: Reduce waste Improve productivity Gain visibility and clarity to process Minimize project risks Improve team collaboration Maximize value! The Kanban Method is one of today’s most popular and widely effective management tools. It is used ​to ​evolve ​any ​organization ​that ​uses ​the ​non-physical ​inventory ​of ​”knowledge ​work” ​to ​become ​a ​Lean ​system.  ​It ​is ​also ​a ​team ​management ​method, ​improving ​the ​delivery ​of ​value ​through ​better ​visibility ​and ​limits ​on ​work ​in ​progress. ​​ Imaginet ’s Accredited Core Kanban ​Course ​prepares ​professionals ​to ​begin ​effectively ​using ​Kanban ​immediately….

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Why Does Agile Fail? — Part Two

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In Part 1 of this blog series, we looked at reasons Why Agile Fails due to a lack of mature technical practices. Now, in Part 2 of this series, we’ll look at the next most common reason I see teams fail with Agile — which is typically due to a lack of ‘successful’ experiences with Agile projects. Reason #2: Lack of ‘Successful’ Experiences with Agile Far too often, I see teams read all about Agile…

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Why Does Agile Fail? — Part One

By Agile, All Posts, Application Lifecycle Management, Productivity

I’ve worked with a lot of teams who have tried to adopt Agile and failed.  Why does agile fail? There are many reasons why this happens, but I tend to see clients struggle for 2 main reasons: Lack of Focus on Technical Practices No Agile Experience on the Team In this 2-part blog series (click here for Part 2), I’ll share some insights into the issues that may be occurring for you. Reason #1: Lack…

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How to Finally INCREASE and IMPROVE Developer Productivity with Visual Studio and TFS 2013

By All Posts, Application Development, Application Lifecycle Management, Productivity, Team Foundation Server, Videos, Visual Studio, Webinars

Are you ready to discover how to finally increase and improve developer productivity with Microsoft Visual Studio and TFS (Team Foundation Server) 2013? In this webinar video, we’re going to show you: How we managed to increase developer productivity by over 300% in top fortune 500 companies. The most important BRAND NEW features in TFS 2013 that WILL change the way you develop code. When to use Git integration with TFS 2013. How to use…

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Frequent Status Updates – What They Really Mean

By Agile, All Posts, Application Lifecycle Management, Productivity

Are you (as a developer) inundated with frequent status updates? Requests like: “How far are you?” “What did you do today?” “Where are we?” Or are you a project manager that requests frequent status updates? Then this post is for you. Let’s start by defining frequent – I think this is going to be different for different teams, and will vary with the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) maturity within the team. I would go so…

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Using Lean and Kanban to Revolutionize Your Organization

By Agile, All Posts, Application Lifecycle Management, Kanban, Productivity, Team Foundation Server, Videos, Visual Studio, Webinars

With the introduction of Lean and Kanban into the software developments, teams are now starting to discover how to leverage these principles to revolutionize how they do business. Come find out how you can use Lean and Kanban together with Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) to make dramatic improvements in your organization. Ready to Adopt Lean and Kanban for TFS? If you’re ready to adopt Lean and/or Kanban for Team Foundation Server (TFS) but not…

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How Microsoft’s ALM Tools Can Improve Your Bottom Line

By All Posts, Application Lifecycle Management, Productivity, Videos, Visual Studio, Webinars

Improved efficiencies, enhanced productivity, reduction of wasted time and effort, and improved team collaboration. Each of these benefits that result from adopting a successful application lifecycle management (ALM) strategy will all help your bottom line.  View this free video to find out how. Ready to Improve Your Bottom Line with ALM? If you’re ready to improve your bottom line with application lifecycle management and the Microsoft Visual Studio ALM Tools but not sure where to…

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Approaches to Kanban with Team Foundation Server

By Agile, All Posts, Application Lifecycle Management, Kanban, Productivity, Team Foundation Server, Tutorials, Videos, Visual Studio, Webinars

Although originally created to help manufacturing organizations schedule and improve processes, Kanban can also be effectively applied to software development. The lean principles of manufacturing can help development teams improve delivery through better visibility and limits on work in process. In this recording of our Live Web Workshop, Imaginet will start with an overview of the Kanban method, including the history and motivation, the core principles and practices, and how these apply to efficiency and…

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