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Looking to implement a custom solution similar to one below? Imaginet's existing expertise in these solutions will accelerate your development and reduce overall risk, making Imaginet the perfect choice for you.

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Safety Management System

Create a modernized quality and safety management system (SMS) with traceable end-to-end SMS processes, automated workflows and “smart” routing to appropriately route issues to the right downstream process, and trending reports to better track recurring issues and improve overall visibility.

Flight Tracker

Display flight and aircraft information for over 3000 flights at one time, on one screen, with the ability to drill down further for details. This scalable, responsive web app displayed flight tracking data in a consumable, distilled way to their users, including air traffic controllers and any organization that uses airspace.

Campus Wayfinding Mobile App

Create an innovative mobile app that assists employees and guests with navigating your organization’s campus, whether you are a corporation, university, hospital, etc. Discover and navigate to campus amenities, locate parking, find and reserve a desk, share your location with colleagues, and more.

Virtual Obeya Rooms

Convert your manual Obeya rooms and practices into a modern, innovative environment that digitally facilitates collaboration on issues, risks, and waste. These virtual Obeya rooms are accessible for onsite or remote employees as well as across multiple platforms (mobile, Surface Hub, etc).

Fleet Management System

Leverage the power of a fully integrated fleet management system that combines transportation logistics, dispatch, customer management, PeopleNet (an in-cab tablet/OBC/Communication system), business intelligence, and corporate reporting systems, all in a single mobile solution.

Patient Referral System

Patients can now see medical specialists in less time with Imaginet’s modern electronic patient referral system. This innovative web application connects all medical specialists within a network and improves patient care by reducing wait times between referrals, while staying compliant with HIPPA and FIPPA.

Occupational Testing

A suite of custom applications for occupational testing, including an app for accessing drug test results, invoices, and employee information; a testing collections site for accessing donors’ booking information; a medical review officer site for viewing issues and to confirm and verify results; and a supply ordering app that integrates with the test collections site.

Chassis Finding & Leasing

Providing the transportation industry with a turnkey solution for easily extending their assets to online leasing and payment processing, extending exceptional customer value, while maximizing nationwide inventory utilization. Find and lease chassis by location, date, quantity, and type. Enjoy the convenience of viewing, printing, and paying invoices securely online.

Business Process Optimization

Digitally transform your day-to-day business operations in order to accelerate your business, reduce operations costs, and boost real-time productivity across your organization. Convert paper-based forms into digital forms with automated workflows. Standardize information systems and processes to create a unified organizational experience.

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