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Enhance Knowledge Management

Enterprise Content Management

Streamline your business processes, improve productivity, and create highly engaging knowledge networks.

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Why is Enterprise Content Management important?

Enterprise Content Management is a system that enables the organization, management, and distribution of information across an organization. When properly established, organizations can see the following benefits.

Improve Search Capabilities

Help end-users save time finding the correct content right at their fingertips with intuitive navigational search and search bar results.

Enhance Permissions & Security

Ensure the correct users can create, find, and edit the correct content based on organizational permissions and security frameworks.

Achieve Governance & Maintainability

Promote a clearly defined model of how to grow, update, curate, and retire content during the content and business lifecycle.

Boost Knowledge Networks

Connect users and content in an engaging manner so organizations can benefit from its full breadth of skills and knowledge.

How do you take advantage of these benefits?

Before organizations can achieve these benefits, there are many questions to address before finding the right solution. Particularly around content, context, and users.

  • What type of content do you have or plan to create?
  • Where is your content stored?
  • What is the operational purpose of the content? Document and data types? Existing structure? Governance and ownership?
  • What are the politics, cultures, technologies, resources, constraints?
  • Who is the audience?
  • What are their tasks, needs, pains, comforts with technology?
  • What type of business goals do users have for the content?

Our Approach

How can we help?

At Imaginet, we've completed hundreds of Enterprise Content Management solutions. By taking the time to help your organization answer the key questions and understand your interdependent nature of users, content, and context, we can thoroughly craft a solution fit for your unique content needs.

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Enterprise Content Management


Imaginet is different. And how we work is different. When it comes to your next software technology project, don't hire typical consultants. Hire our Imagineteers... and experience the difference for yourself.

Microsoft 365 Collaboration Overview Workshop

We lead a workshop with your users to discuss “the art of the possible” and present use case scenarios in a fully populated Microsoft 365 demo environment.

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Content Assessment Workshop

We assess your content with an objective view to help you achieve a better understanding of your current structure and identify areas to improve.

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Business Requirement Captures Workshop

We capture all the necessary inputs to create an Enterprise Content Management and Knowledge Management implementation plan for your organization.

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Just Some of Our Customers

Imaginet is the easiest and most knowledgeable technical partner to work with. They spend time to understand your business and help you implement the best solution for your customers. You can’t find an agency that is more responsive or provides more quality information than Imaginet.

- ALI ISHAM, Marketing Director, Overhead Door Corporation

From the five engagements that we have done with Imaginet so far, we've been really, really happy with each one of them. Imaginet is a really good company to work with, and their reputation speaks for itself.

- MICHEL THIVIERGE, Director of Application Architecture, DataScan Holdings
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