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5-Day Microsoft Viva Accelerator Workshop

Take advantage of Viva Topics now and begin the adoption of Microsoft Viva.

Ready to introduce Viva Topics into your organization?

In this 5-day workshop, Imaginet will assess your environment and define appropriate roles and structures to ensure the right content displays to the right people to ensure a secure value add.

What’s included?

  • Site Taxonomy Audit to assess the current SharePoint Online Site Taxonomy and User Access models to ensure you have the proper architecture to adopt Microsoft Viva.
  • Support when enabling the Viva licensing and services to ensure proper access for the machine learning engine of Viva.
  • Support for Governance and Sustainment models by documenting user roles and candidates for the Knowledge Manager role and Topics consumers.
  • Support to define the Topics Approval Process for identified Topics to ensure they are published to your end-users.
  • Proper coaching on navigating to the Topics Hub and individual Topics pages.

Upon completion, your organization will have a defined Knowledge Manager, a defined Topic Approval Process, and Topic pages published to your organization.

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