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Imaginet - Your SharePoint Intranet Solutions Provider

SharePoint Intranet Solutions that people will actually use and enjoy.

A SharePoint Intranet can be your most powerful resource and information hub, but understanding all of its features in combination with Microsoft 365 can be dizzying. Imaginet simplifies your organizational chaos by unifying your cloud-based SharePoint and Microsoft 365 products into a singular Intranet experience.

What is it?

SharePoint Online is a collection of cloud and web-based technologies that make it easy to store, share and manage digital information, from anywhere. It’s an affordable option for enterprise-level Microsoft 365 customers where you can develop a SharePoint Intranet and scale them without worrying about infrastructure costs.

And, with Imaginet as your productivity partner, you’ll be working with Certified Microsoft platform experts who enable all Microsoft 365 products.

Imaginet's SharePoint Intranet Solution - SharePoint Online is a collection of cloud and web-based technologies that make it easy to store, share and manage digital information, from anywhere. It’s an affordable option for enterprise level Office 365 customers where you can develop Intranets and scale them without worrying about infrastructure costs.

Imaginet - Your SharePoint Intranet Solutions Provider

Imaginet - Your SharePoint Intranet Solutions Provider

Why do I need a SharePoint Intranet?

Almost all organizations want an Intranet and primarily need it for private document management and collaboration inside the organization, but they also need to share files and content with vendors, partners, and customers.

By building a SharePoint Intranet, you can:

  • Gain control over mismanaged content
  • Automate and streamline business processes
  • Reduce the risk of data leakage
  • Minimize IT support costs

Employees and leadership can all share information across the board and work towards a common goal. And even if you begin with a simple Intranet, it can evolve as your company does.

Sales & Operations

A sales team site provides organizational intelligence into each customer’s buying journey. Sales teams can get quick 24/7 access to client related data and securely store proposal templates and support materials.

Sales teams responsible for a mixture of time consuming tasks can automate SharePoint workflows to expedite approvals and save time from flipping between technologies.

Operations can privately access and co-author financial reports, spreadsheets, schedules, inventory and price lists from anywhere.

Project Management

Project Managers can set up team projects and set permission levels so only designed team members can access project data.

Having a specific site for each project can help teams communicate about weekly goals, which targets have been hit and which ones haven’t. This allows everyone on a project to be on the same page, without cluttering the Intranet with information that doesn’t pertain to them.

Human Resources

HR Staff can store private documentation such as applicant data, job offers, benefits packages, annual reviews, completed exams and certifications, and resumes all in one place.

With Sharepoint, permission levels can be set for each folder to ensure only specific people within the organization have access to confidential data.

Employees can also access ‘How to’ libraries within the Intranet including video tutorials, travel and expense policies and procedures, and software license keys.

Marketing & Communications

Internal Communications can use the ‘home page’ to broadcast news updates, and push notifications.

Corporate identity documentation, such as branding guidelines, company letterhead, business cards, brochures, PowerPoint templates, case studies and content/image libraries can all be stored, accessed and shared based on permission levels.

Marketing teams can co-author documents to save time between versioning and emailing attachments back and forth.

Ready to get started?

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Who We Are

Experience the Imaginet Difference

As a Microsoft Gold Partner with over 20 years experience in Microsoft technologies and 10 years experience with Microsoft 365, Imaginet has completed hundreds of successful SharePoint Intranet implementations across the United States and Canada.

Broad Knowledge

We’ve provided implementation services for Microsoft 365 since its inception in 2010. We have experience in all Microsoft 365 workloads including Teams, SharePoint, Office, Power Platform, One Drive, and Power BI.

SharePoint Expert

We have worked with SharePoint since its roots in Microsoft CMS 2003, and with all formal SharePoint versions starting at 2007. We also work with SharePoint Online as part of Microsoft 365. This is our top expertise.

Always Up-to-Date

We have two Microsoft 365 Certified Professionals and two Microsoft Certified Engineers. All our consultants are Microsoft Partner Network certified and are required to take technical exams to stay up-to-date on the newest features.

Early Adopter

We are a Microsoft Content Services Partner, the next generation of AI for Microsoft 365 knowledge management solutions. We regularly attend and present at conferences and user groups across North America, and host lunch & learns internally.

Exclusive Partner

We work directly with Microsoft on sales and delivery to key accounts across North America. This includes NDA information on Microsoft 365 roadmaps and access to Microsoft-only training on new Microsoft 365 features prior to release.

Strong Team Communication

We host daily scrums with our Microsoft 365 team to discuss new functionalities, problems, and lessons learned from our client engagements. This allows our team to learn from the collective members across multiple Microsoft 365 projects.


Helping Organizations Just Like Yours

Imaginet has helped some of the largest companies around the globe with all of their SharePoint Intranet consulting needs. Read about our SharePoint solutions for some of our customers biggest business challenges.


The Sales and Marketing teams for this national retailer struggled to easily locate and exchange information.



A Fortune 500 company faced challenges with a content sprawl that slowed business agility and decision making.



A leading energy company spent thousands of hours chasing standards and requirements in order to be NERC compliant.



This insurance company required consolidation and migration of their content from two legacy portals to SharePoint Online.


Just Some of Our Customers

We needed a content management system that would enable our team to produce content on the new website with speed and efficiency. Imaginet delivered a SharePoint solution that met all our requirements and exceeded our expectations. We’re able to publish news, FAQs, videos and social media content quickly and easily.

, Director eCommerce, United Airlines

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