Software Development As-A-Service

Predictable Costs. Rapid Delivery.

Why invest in modern software development resources and skills when Imaginet provides you with an existing turnkey solution? Make way for a nimbler approach to developing software for your business with Imaginet’s Software Development as a Service (SDaaS).

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Software Development As-A-Service

Implementing DevOps, moving to Angular 2, and writing custom workflows in SharePoint are all examples of development skills sometimes needed in an organization, but they aren’t always enough to incite deep investments. Imaginet’s Software Development as a Service (SDaaS) services ensures you’ll have access to development expertise, when and where you need it most.

Turn-key solution to developing software without on-boarding   

Access to high performance technology experts and teams

Predictable Annual Spend 

Elastic Consumption Model

Below are the four most common software development client scenarios.

Planned, Unknown Growth

You know your organization will undergo many projects next year, but you don’t know specifically what they are, or their duration.

Imaginet Offers

  • A strong mix of technical resources with high levels of expertise.
  • A team that can handle a variety of projects.
  • A cost model that can be front or back loaded in the year.

Resource Scarcity

The roles you need are often the hardest to find, and you may not need a role full time. Many of your projects require a blend of roles

Imaginet Offers

  • Guaranteed capacity of resources.
  • 1 FTE who can be rotated into 3-4 different roles (i.e. UX/Dev/QA)
  • Onshore development from a dedicated team.

Technology Gaps

Re-platforming to web or mobile, DevOps, Cloud, and BI all require technology expertise which may not exist in your organization

Imaginet Offers

  • Experience in the technology or process you are adopting (i.e. Agile/Web/Mobile)
  • A team who has worked together before, not an assembled group of individual contractors.
  • On demand resources for spikes in a technology or expert over the year.

Complex Procurement

It is time consuming and costly to source, hire and onboard resources. Plus, the RFP process is complex and slow. 

Imaginet Offers

  • Predictable annual spend and reduced start up time.
  • One-time onboarding for MSA, payments, NDA.
  • Change the roles as needed from project to project.
  • A known and singular communication channel

Imaginet is a Microsoft Gold Partner in Application Development, and DevOps, Microsoft’s highest competency levels.

Why Imaginet?

Experience the Imaginet Difference. Now.

When planning the success of your next innovative project or initiative, you never want to do it alone. This is where the Imaginet's expert consultants come in. Imaginet has one of the strongest development teams in North America with over 3,200 successful engagements and over 1,400 customers.


Imaginet’s high performance teams have designed, deployed, and mentored organizations on a multitude of platforms for almost 20 years.

Deep Knowledge

We understand both the technical details and business motivators that have an impact across all teams in your organization.

Integrated Best Practices

Our consultants will ensure that best practices are tailored for your organization and incorporated as part of your technology roadmap and strategy.

Just-in-Time Education

Learn the skills you need for your organization to assist in making the most informed decisions possible.

SharePoint Assessment & Planning - Our consultants can focus on those topics that are most relevant to your organization, team and solution rather than broad coverage of topics that may not be relevant.

Customized Tailored Learning

Our consultants can focus on those topics that are most relevant to your organization, team and solution rather than broad coverage of topics that may not be relevant.

Flexible Engagement Models

Imaginet is here work and mentor your team with flexible development services such as Software Development as-a-Service(SDaaS).

The Imaginet team provided us with a high level of confidence in their ability to deliver the technology and solutions our teams required. Imaginet delivered beyond our expectations. The positive results we received can be seen in our process, our tools and also heard, as voiced by our global user community.

JON AGUILAR, SW Process Controls Manager, Landis+Gyr Worldwide

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