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FREE WHITEPAPER: How to Design Resilient Applications on Azure

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When it comes to moving applications from on-premises environments to Azure or to building new applications on Azure, it’s important that you have a process for achieving resilience using a structured approach throughout the lifetime of your application—from design and implementation to deployment and operations. Resilience is defined as a system’s ability to recover from failures and continue to function. Resilience is not only about avoiding failures but also involves responding to failures in a…

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Power Query for Azure tables and Updating Column Names

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Power Query for Azure Tables and Updating Column Names I recently did some PowerBI work using Azure Table Storage. In the query editor, it seemed that each table I pulled in from Azure Tables had a very similar process.: Get the list of tables available for the storage account. Select a table Select the Content of the table (excluding the RowKey, PartitionKey, and timestamp columns) Expand the columns in the Content Rename the columns Azure…

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How Can You Protect Your Cloud Applications from Outages?

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How Can You Protect Your Cloud Applications from Outages? Were you affected by the Amazon Web Services (AWS) outage this week? If you use Quora, Slack or Trello chances are you were.  S3 Storage services in the US-East region was essentially unavailable for 4-5 hours.  Since many other AWS services and customer applications depend on S3, this had a large wide-ranging impact across many services, sites and applications. Some popular sites that were affected included: Quora...
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Scaling Azure SQL Databases Up and Down

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Scaling Azure SQL databases up and down   I've recently been working on a project where we push data from an on-premise database to a set of Azure SQL databases daily, and use that Azure SQL database as the source for a Power BI dataset. The dataset gets refreshed once a day. Our Azure SQL data marts are pretty small - all but one of them are under 2 GB, and the largest one is...
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Imaginet Achieves Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Competency – What Does this Mean For You?

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  Imaginet has achieved the Gold Cloud Platform Competency from Microsoft! This is Microsoft’s highest level of Cloud Platform competency and means that Imaginet has made a commitment with deep investments in people and resources across pivotal areas: cloud technologies, security, privacy, compliance, and reliability.   What does this mean for you? With Imaginet’s Azure Cloud Platform approach, our customers get all the benefits of scale, speed, and agility while still protecting existing investments. This…

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Microsoft O365 has Touched Down in Canada — Are You Ready?

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On May 10, 2016, Microsoft announced the general availability of a new Office 365 datacenter region in Canada. This new datacenter region adds in-country data residency, failover, and disaster recovery for core customer data at rest to customers in Canada. Microsoft states, “This new datacenter region is comprised of two geographically distributed datacenters located in Toronto and Quebec City. Providing data residency for customers in Canada will accelerate the growth and potential of Canadian industries…

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Think Local: Imaginet’s Nearshore Development 

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Short on development staff because of layoffs or limited budgets? Frustrated with offshoring options that don’t fit your schedule? Imaginet’s Nearshore Development (with teams in US and Canada) will bring you high performance options, how and when you need it. Imaginet has multiple development centers in Canada and the U.S., each with expert development teams who are permanent residents with 10+ years of education and enterprise experience in North America. When you require contract software…

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Deploying a Provider Hosted SharePoint App to Azure and SharePoint Online

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In this post, we are going to walk you through the process of deploying a provider hosted SharePoint app to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft SharePoint Online. We assume that the app has been created, and the app permissions are configured correctly for what the app is supposed to do. I should note that this article will only be about apps that are being deployed to a local app catalog. Also, I’m assuming that you have…

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Microsoft Cloud to Touchdown in Canada — Are You Ready?

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Microsoft to Touchdown in Canada — Are You Ready? On June 2, 2015, Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Kevin Turner, announced Microsoft Corporation’s plans to deliver locally hosted Microsoft Cloud services — Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online — from Canada. Microsoft will build two data centers in Canada as it expands its global cloud computing services. There is no better time for Canadians to take advantage of the Cloud than with this expansion. It will…

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Save Money and Increase Productivity by Leveraging Azure for Dev and Test

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Every development team needs a development infrastructure in place to design, develop, test, and deliver custom software. Without this dev and test infrastructure, the team cannot work. Implementing and maintaining a development infrastructure in physical, on-premises hardware is inherently costly and prone to delays due to long procurement cycles and increased effort required. Scalable, on-demand cloud infrastructure like Microsoft Azure empowers development and test teams to be more agile, deliver faster, and deliver higher quality.​…

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