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Trend Alert: Typography 

Typography has been the differentiating factor between good design and great design since Celtic monks created the Book of Kells 1,200 years ago. It’s also been the bane of the interactive designer’s existence. Poor display, limited choices, and limited code control meant that web design was always the ugly stepchild in the design family. Fast forward to 2015. Mobile apps, JavaScript libraries, html 5, and css3 (and the death of IE) has brought interactive design…

Imaginet Speaks! Live Event on ‘Fundamental Design Principles’ with Microsoft MVP Dylan Smith

If I could travel back in time and give the rookie developer version of myself an hour of advice, this session will be that advice. I’m specifically focusing on advice that will help us write better code. I’ve written a lot of horrible code in my career and learned a lot of lessons in the process. In my day job at Imaginet, I also get the opportunity to look at a lot of other teams code…

Enterprise UX Webinar

Enterprise UX: Project Success with User Experience Design

We’re going to show you… The fundamentals of User Design and why it matters to you and your end users. Why User Experience (UX) Design is the most important process that your development practice needs to adopt now! How to succeed with your user experience design in your next project. … and much, much more! ===== Imaginet is your trusted technology partner who turns your business innovation ideas into reality. 18+ years | 1100+ satisfied customers | 2500+ successful engagements….

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