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Enhance Productivity with Distributed Version Control Using Git and Visual Studio 2013

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We’re going to show you…  Learn about modern source control approaches and the pros and cons of each.  How distributed source control systems like Git work compared to centralized source control repositories.  Discover how Git integrates with Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Visual Studio (VS).  You will come away from the webinar with an immediate understanding of how to effectively integrate Git distributed version control with TFS and VS to better enhance your team’s productivity….

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Are You Getting the Most Value from Your Dev Teams? Learn How!

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With today’s fast-paced work environment, 21st century modern development management tools are necessary for your development teams to deliver high value more efficiently. Employing modern, up-to-date methods can help you and your team: Reduce waste Improve productivity Gain visibility and clarity to process Minimize project risks Improve team collaboration Maximize value! The Kanban Method is one of today’s most popular and widely effective management tools. It is used ​to ​evolve ​any ​organization ​that ​uses ​the ​non-physical ​inventory ​of ​”knowledge ​work” ​to ​become ​a ​Lean ​system.  ​It ​is ​also ​a ​team ​management ​method, ​improving ​the ​delivery ​of ​value ​through ​better ​visibility ​and ​limits ​on ​work ​in ​progress. ​​ Imaginet ’s Accredited Core Kanban ​Course ​prepares ​professionals ​to ​begin ​effectively ​using ​Kanban ​immediately….

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